Many people miss breakfast intentionally with the hope of losing weight. For others, they skip it to save time. However, I’m afraid that’s not right. A small amount of nourishment in the morning goes a very long way, in the event you don’t feel hungry.

Here are some ideas.

healthy breakfast


Most people shy away from bread because of the baking process. However, there are some awesome and simple ways on how you can make your bread. Instant pot bread recipes such as those available on make for a tasty breakfast meal. Be sure to check them out and try them.

Protein Bar

The all-natural protein bar with much less than 15 grams of sugar. When preparing this protein bar, ensure you don’t add too much sugar. You can also make natural yogurt topped with berries, a chopped apple, plus a tablespoon of ground flax seeds for extra taste and more nutrients.

Food Combinations

Mix two cups of rolled oats and one cup of milk. The milk can be any kind, no specific. Cover the mixture and place it in a refrigerator overnight. In the morning, add honey, natural yogurt, an apple or two, and hazelnuts. Mix thoroughly and enjoy. Alternatively, if you aren’t down with green beverages, you can throw in a couple of a handful of spinach berries a banana along with a cup of milk with a single tablespoon of ground flax seeds into the blender.

For all those who aren’t hungry on the move or in the morning,¬†mixed fruits and nuts¬†might be a fantastic alternative for you. You can carry portions to work or school and enjoy the snack during breaks. You can also make a breakfast ‘burrito’ consisting of scrambled eggs, sliced tomatoes, and a little grated cheese, then fold it up in large lettuce leaf and eat.

Benefits of Eating a Healthy Breakfast

fruitsMaking time to get breakfast or a morning meal makes it possible to keep a healthy weight and leaves you feeling great. Here are the advantages of eating a healthy breakfast.

It helps you feel healthy and energetic for the day. After a night’s sleep, our bodies are depleted of energy. A hearty breakfast will help you refill your energy levels.

Breakfast also helps in weight loss. Eating a nutrient-rich breakfast eliminates poor eating habits during the day. This will help you avoid eating junk food.

A healthy breakfast also boosts your concentration levels. If you are heading to school or work, you must spend a few minutes preparing and eating your morning meals as it will help you complete your chores.