Every operation has side effects. But most side effects, including micro-graft transplants, usually disappear within a few weeks. Before hiring a hair transplant surgeon, it is important to ask questions, especially if you plan to have hair transplant in Sydney. Below are the common side effects of having hair transplants.

Bleeding / Swelling

In rare cases, the bleeding may not stop immediately. In this case, your doctor may need to take additional measures to control the bleeding. Based on observations of post-operative baldness, almost everyone who has undergone this surgery has had swelling. There may be a small amount of pain that accompanies this swelling. Almost 50 percent of all people who have had a micro transplant relationship feel a slight pain due to the swelling.

It usually lasts for a few days. The worst that can happen is that you start to feel pain from the fourth moment. Localized skin lesions are the cause of the swelling in these areas. All over the scalp, i.e., the area just above the forehead, there have been small lacerations. This is why the upper face will probably be swollen. The blood vessels have been damaged. Swelling, in particular, is an essential procedure for healing.


Why is there scabs? It is a protective shield for the skin against germs and diseases. You are aware that the skin’s surface is delicate, so there must be protection for the exposed flesh layer. Therefore, an extra begins to form on the wound. There is a considerable effect under the crust, as the cells regenerate and stabilize from the new position.

This crust obviously falls off and unrolls at intervals of ten times or less. The healing of wounds also depends on your body’s ability to recover. These days they may feel itchy, but do not scratch them until they fall out on their own. Apply a soothing ointment if your scalp itches.


Hair Fall

Hair loss will accelerate after the transplant procedure due to scalp shock. The entire scalp will enter a resting phase called the telogen phase. This will lead to hair loss. Do not worry, because it is normal. Although the hair will be thinned, not all hair can fall out. Your doctor can prescribe medication for hair loss.


The affected person will probably continue to feel numb for several weeks after the operation. The numbness can be caused by reduced blood flow in the capillaries. Remember that the entire scalp is injured. But this is only temporary because it can also be part of the healing process. Other side effects occur in a minority of people who undergo micro transplant therapy.

In general, the above side effects are a minor inconvenience for many people. The main problem is that these indicators are only temporary. Practically everyone will go away in a few weeks. Obviously, the body is ready and able to repair itself when it needs to be repaired. There are drugs that the doctor can prescribe.