Regular workouts that will take up about 150 minutes of your time weekly, meaning you will go to the gym or jog or play basketball with your friends twice a week, will benefit you greatly. Mild to moderate physical activity is essential in keeping your overall health at a good level, your cardiovascular system working properly and your metabolism in balance.

How much physical activity is good for you?

As said earlier, 150 minutes of workouts a week is considered a moderate amount of physical activity for an average person. This, of course, does not apply to athletes. This number can be greater, depending on your fitness levels and your lifestyle.

Age is not important

People of all age groups can be involved in different kinds of sports, from children to seniors. Choose your favorite activity, but keep in mind the limitations of your body, because your age and fitness will determine how good it will be for your health.


Types of physical activity

There are various sports, individual and team sports, which can be an excellent workout. The basic types of physical activity, in general, are aerobic activity, muscle-strengthening activity, bone-strengthening activity and stretching. Each one has special characteristics which will lead to different results.

Aerobic activity benefits the heart

activityAerobic activity activates many large muscle groups – like arms and legs. Examples of aerobic activity are swimming and running. Your heart will beat faster than usual, and your breathing will also quicken. This means your cardiovascular system will strengthen and be more durable and resistant, improving your overall health.

 Other types of physical activity

As mentioned before, muscle and bone strengthening and stretching will improve your strength and power, the ability to support your weight and keep you flexible and well-coordinated. Your body will thank you for all the exercise you get because all of the major muscle groups will be involved and keep your body as a whole in good fitness.

Things to look out for

You should be careful while exercising, so you avoid any possible injuries. Keep your activities balanced with your physical limitations so you do not overburden your body and cause injuries that may have serious consequences to your health.

Common gym injuries

Most common body parts which get injured while exercising in a gym are the main joints – ankles and knees. This is due to modern lifestyles which involve desk jobs and a lot of sitting.

Sitting down makes our ankles and knees weak because we do not carry our weight while sitting. Other common gym injuries involve shoulders, lower back, and neck.

Avoiding injuries

Since injuries can occur in any part of your body, it is best to seek professional advice when first symptoms of pain are noticed. While your personal trainer can provide initial response treatment and pointers on how to avoid further damage, in the case of serious symptoms it is best to seek medical advice. In any case, follow your trainer’s advice on how to conduct your training and you should be fine.