Technology and work machines that perform many daily tasks have significantly reduced daily work-related physical activity and the energy costs required to perform these important tasks. Technology and mechanization, such as smartphone, laptop, monitor, or Television, are essential in promoting a sedentary lifestyle, leading us to obesity and eye health issues. You can learn more about ways to prevent eye health issues caused by technology at Edexlive. As a result, most people do not engage in any physical activity in their free time. Here are how technology brings negative impacts on our health.

impact of technology to our health

Technology Can Pose Many Health Risks

Technology can impact many health risks to people who spend excessive time in tablets or computers. As a result, a smaller percentage of these American men and women now go to the gym or a fitness center. People want to exercise at regular intervals. If your system isn’t aware of physical activity, it won’t function at its optimal level, which comes with all kinds of risks and dangers. A sedentary lifestyle can affect both the human body and the brain, and the long-term effects will significantly impact someone. As our skeletal muscles make up the majority of the metabolic and functional motors that control the cost of vitality and overall well-being of our internal processes (for example, the heart and lungs), we cannot expect our bodies to function optimally and remain healthy if we do not use our muscles, but rather stress our bodies by accumulating body fat through poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

Technology Can Result in Weight Gain

tech healthOnce we spend endless hours focused on one thing, time passes quickly, and we tend to overeat when the time comes. There is a direct correlation between obesity and stretching time. Lack of exercise disrupts our pleasure signals, leading to passive eating. The risks to children will be the best long-term health risks. Excessive screen time is responsible for children becoming overweight and obese, which studies show will follow them throughout their lives. When we spend too much time in front of our digital devices, we are more exposed to marketing campaigns that promote unhealthy foods and drinks, which can negatively affect our consumption habits.

Technology Can Decrease Our Eye Health

Nowadays, as many people are in their COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, the use of laptops, smartphones, and Television is getting higher and longer than usual. It could affect serious illness to our eyesight and eye health as many technology devices expose blue light rays. Being exposes to high amounts of blue rays can result in Macular Degeneration, eye fatigue, dry eyes, and even sleep disorders. However, we can try to turn off the devices and do some exercises once for several hours. Besides decreasing the time you are being exposed to blue light rays, this activity can refresh your body and mind.