Men can talk a lot about sexual conquests and their libido’s relentless art. However, one sexual topic many men don’t want to talk about is erectile dysfunction or ED. As a man, you need to learn more about this disease. You can read more about it at their latest blog post. That’s actually a shame because experts estimate it affects nearly 30 million men, especially those over the age of 65. Discussion and self-education would be the best ways to find a cure for ED, so let’s make a list of what a person should know about ED.

What to Know about erectile dysfunction

An Overview of Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s start by saying that the occasional inability to get or maintain an erection would not be classified as ED. But when it becomes a chronic condition that occurs 25% or more of the time, it’s time to see a doctor. Also, it’s essential to know that ED doesn’t just affect older men. Young men in their 20s can also have ED. There is no one size fits all. Some men with ED cannot get an erection. Others can get it sometimes. Then others get the first erection but can’t keep it long enough for a romantic relationship. This, of course, affects the self-esteem of the man who has erectile dysfunction, along with his spouse.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of several things. One of the most common reasons is the result of being diagnosed with another disorder. Diabetes, increased blood pressure, and increased cholesterol affect the circulation of blood in the body. Therefore, they limit blood flow to the penis, which is the necessary component for an erection. Students also show that about 20 percent of the causes of erectile dysfunction are mental illnesses such as depression. Medications can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

The best treatment for this issue can vary from one man to another. Treatment options include medications such as the drug “Viagra.” It is important to note that these options have side effects ranging from chest discomfort to vision problems, and they do not work for about one-third of men. Erectile dysfunction implants may also be an option for men who do not find relief from medication. These implants are customized to look and function like a natural erection.

Be sure to follow the treatment plan agreed upon with a doctor you trust. Specially formulated penis wellness cream can help you daily to promote blood circulation and penile health. These special lotions are made specifically for men and contain vitamins such as B, A, D, and E. Also, men should use a product that contains vitamin C, as it helps blood circulation in the penis to produce strong erections. Also, look for creams with L-Arginine, a powerful vasodilator that increases blood flow for healthier and more effective erections.